Hello world! Welcome to my 'Tools' website where I've created some pages for 'easier' retrieval of information.
Some of these pages are experimental/unstable, so don't expect them all to function properly 100% of the time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


DayZ Server Browser & Search

Allows you to query for DayZ servers. Only shows basic information, such as: Server name, player count, version number and IP address/port.


User Agent

Gives you the User-Agent values reported by your browser.


Chat badges

Displays the 'special' chat badges available in a channel. This currently includes subscriber badges (for subscriber streaks) and bits badges.

Followage / Followlength

Displays the length of time someone has been following a channel.

User Following

Displays a list of channels (avatar, channel name/URL, when they follow) a specified user follows.
The Twitch website had a similar feature in the past, but since that feature was removed, I added a page for it here.

Available Usernames

Allows you to look up usernames on Twitch and check if they're available or not.

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