2020-10-10 (October 10th, 2020) — Twitch - 'Following' page

Twitch - Following page
Frontend - Minor changes
  • Bootstrap / Bootswatch has been updated to v4.5.2
  • Font Awesome has been updated to v5.15.1

2020-09-06 (September 6th, 2020) — User Agent page

User Agent
  • Added a new page called User Agent (see Wikipedia for more information).
  • The User Agent page gives you two values based on either your browser's HTTP header ("User-Agent") or the user agent reported by JavaScript.

2020-07-22 (July 22nd, 2020) — Icon Upgrades

Icon Upgrades
  • Font Awesome 4 has been upgraded to Font Awesome 5.
  • Difference is barely noticeable, but it's there. 😉

2020-06-28 (June 28th, 2020) — Frontend upgrades and other tweaks

Frontend upgrades & changes
  • Upgraded from Bootswatch: Darkly (Bootstrap) version 3 to 4.
  • Changed backgrounds for panels to (hopefully) improve the contrast. Feel free to let me know if you're having issues and I'll try to tweak it a bit more.
  • Added this changelog page :^)
Twitch channel badges - Subscriber tiers
  • Due to Twitch adding "flairs" to tier 2 /3 subscriber badges, each subscriber badge now displays which tier it's for.
DayZ server browser - More information!
  • Each server's map name is now displayed.
  • Hovering over "Time of day" for each server will list "tags" (gametype) that are returned by Steam's query API.
    The information may be useless for most servers, but is included for the sake of completeness.

2020-06-25 (June 25th, 2020) — Quality of Life improvements

DayZ server browser - Time of day
  • Each server's time of day is now displayed as its own column in the server browser.
    Certain servers, such as those that report older versions, will not report time of day and thus show them it as: -